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Adatt Global Petroleum, a leading pore pressure expert, is comprised of a team with diversified oil field experience, trusted to deliver dependable results and improved exploration and production performance for oil and gas companies globally.

Adatt Ocean&Energy Geopressure ....Pre-drill/Real-time Pore pressure and Fracture Gradient
Here at Adatt, we are familiar with a variety of software packages, including various log analysis and log viewing software, Predict and its applications such as: 3D, Geo-stress, Wellbore Stability, Presage Modeling, Safe Seal, Well-Plan, Microsoft Office and Skilled in geomechanics, petrophysics, pre-drill/real-time/post-drill analysis, and open hole logging applications.

Our real-time operations center helps to follow methodologies, expert analysts and trusted software technologies to produce the industry's most dependable prediction of pore and fracture pressures. Combining this with advanced geomechanical analysis results in a robust pre-drill assessment that can be used as the foundation for a comprehensive well plan and trajectory analysis and risk management.

We record adequate accounting for single-component seismic data, corresponding to a given reflection type, direct data and geologic data. We use analytical techniques to understand the reservoir behavior, geology, geomechanical and fluid properties to generate reservoir estimates as well as optimizing drilling procedures to maximize production and minimize risks and costs.

Analytical Chart of Actions

  • Pre-drill, Real time and Post drill Pore pressure analysis and Geomechanic analysis.
  • Accurately forecast and address pore pressure, fracture gradient and Overburden gradient at multi well locations.
  • Increase safety and avoid costly problems such as kicks, stuck pipe, lost of circulation and blow outs.
  • Improve drilling efficiency.
  • Provide engineering expertise and support for other aspects of production.
  • Evaluate oil and gas reservoir performance and depletion strategies.
  • Analyze actual field data and recommend new projects for increasing reserves.
  • Perform reserve evaluations estimating reserves and recoveries.
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with field operations personnel.
  • Complete process maintenance to all kind of Open Hole Tools (STI, SPEED, Gamma Ray) and handle of nuclear tools as BCS and Compensated Neutron, Maintenance of logging truck, and cranes.
  • We have through training on all aspects of the process of borehole logging and equipment handling (Induction, Resistivity, Laterolog, Porosity, Density, Cement Bond, Sonic, and Perforation Tools, among others).
  • Borehole Log interpretation to identify the various layers crossed by the borehole and evaluate the probability of the presence of hydrocarbons and expected amount and quality present.
  • Characteristics and production capacity and quality of the reservoir.
  • Integrate well, production and reservoir data to deliver a method to view, relate and analyze reservoir and production data to accurately quantify downhole flow regimes.

Adatt Ocean&Energy Drilling Optimization.....Real-time ECD management

We offer innovative system for real-time drilling simulation, well control, 3D visualization and control management from our remote drilling expert center.

We provide important documentation analysis on key drilling parameters like hydraulics profile (ECD), temperature profile, and friction conditions along the drill string and wellbore, cuttings transport conditions, well instability tendencies, pore pressure ahead of drill bit, optimal ROP — all in real time.

We run a 24/7 constant Supervision of ECD: an advanced pressure and temperature model, optionally with automatic or semi-automatic calibration is continuously run during drilling operations, to help convert raw data to useful information easier and more reliably.

Adatt Ocean&Energy Drilling.......... Well Planning

We meet the energy market demand for unbiased drilling software solutions that enables our clients to achieve their drilling objectives.

Since increasing drilling risk and cost, along with the rising demand for hydrocarbons in the current market, make well-informed and accurate drilling more crucial than ever. Adatt Global Petroleum experts use their experience in drilling application development, software and data expertise to provide advanced drilling solutions to challenging prospects.

Using our highly integrated and collaborative portfolio of well planning and drilling technologies, and expert strategic consulting capacity, we help operating companies reduce drilling uncertainty and risk to facilitate quick and accurate well planning, to quantify wellbore accuracy, and to improve drilling safety.

We provide detailed design for quality and cost effective well designs, ensuring that they are safe and within practical implementation boundaries of rig. equipment and technology.

We input to document the Field Development Plan (FDP) and Drilling Planning Document (DPD) for all aspects of detailed design in trajectory, casing, bits, pressure, fluids evaluation and completion.

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